Keep calm!

In the diagram position, White just played Rd1 to d4, threatening to take the black knight on b4 and to play Rh4 with a mating attack. But it’s Black to move and win – if he keeps calm and calculates the lines! How should Black proceed?

A Foundation for Beginners Seventy Six


I realized that I’d been suggesting that readers practice what they’ve learned in this series of articles playing against chess apps or software. I thought this to be good advice, since you can always stop a game and try again with no penalty. While there is no substitute for siting down and playing against another … Continue reading “A Foundation for Beginners Seventy Six”

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Yusupov series on Chesstempo


Currently there are 7 of Yusupov’s award-winning series available on Chesstempo. With the rest of the series to follow soon. I mention this now because it’s a frequent question I receive from readers in email: “Is Yusupov’s seri…