Check Is In The Mail: August 2022



This is Larry’s last The Check is in the Mail. He has ably carried the good work of former editor Alex Dunne forward. As Larry writes “…at a point where there are a lot of things I want to do with my life (including getting better at this…

Summer of ’72


Fifty years and one week ago I completed my first USCF-rated chess tournament, the U.S. Booster Championship in Chicago, Illinois. I’ve never really considered this to be my “first tournament,” because I had played earlier that summer in the 1972 Indiana State Championship. But a funny thing happened — that tournament never got rated. I […]

Leo and their Strategy

Of all chess players, Fabiano Caruana is currently the most well-known Leo. We do, however, have a second one in the wings with Praggnanandhaa. But Judit Polgar and Mikhail Botvinnik, two other notable Leo’s, tower over both players. The world champion…

A Pawn Ending from Kenilworth

This is from a game played in the Chessable English Women’s Championship (Nina Pert – Anusha Subramanian) played in Kenilworth back in May. Rooks have just been exchanged on f3 and now Black has to decide how to get out of check. What would you advise? I suspect that, in this situation, I’d probably have … Continue reading “A Pawn Ending from Kenilworth”

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