Anish Giri: The one who got away

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Anish Giri is currently the world’s most promising junior, but although he now represents the Netherlands he started his chess career in St. petersburgo, Rusia. One of his first coaches, Asya Kovalyova, explains how a chess superpower let a prodigy slip through its grasp. Although still only 17, Anish Giri has already won his first [...]

Ilyumzhinov on the London Candidates and Grand Prix

In an interview with Sport Express, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has explained the decision to hold the next Candidates Tournament later this year in London. He also talks about plans for a new Men’s Grand Prix and the sale of the rights to the World Championship and other major events. Yuri Vasiliev’s interview with Ilyumzhinov was [...]

averbaj: “History is written by the victors”

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Yuri Averbakh, the world’s oldest grandmaster, celebrated his 90th birthday on February 8th this year. To mark the occasion he gave a long and fascinating interview to Vladimir Barsky and Eteri Kublashvili, which turned into a whirlwind tour of chess history. Averbakh was born in Russia in 1922. As a boy he saw Emanuel Lasker play, and he [...]

Ivanchuk: "Podría haberme convertido en escritor"

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La reciente entrevista de Vassily Ivanchuk con el diario ucraniano "Den" no es una entrevista de ajedrez estándar. En realidad, Ivanchuk no habla de los eventos actuales del ajedrez en absoluto, en lugar de mostrar un profundo interés en la literatura al mismo tiempo que explica, por ejemplo, por qué Julio César habría considerado felices a los jugadores de ajedrez. El contenido literario de la entrevista se debe sin duda en parte al entrevistador., Yarina [...]