FM Alex Dunne en una foto de archivo.

has learned that former Correspondence Director and columnist FM Alex Dunne died on January 16 a la edad de 81 at home in Sayre, Pensilvania, after an extended illness.

Dunne was the US Chess Correspondence Director from 2005 until retiring in 2020. He started the «Check is in the Mail» column in magazine in the December 1981 issue, and it ran continuously through the May 2006 issue when it moved to Chess Life Online. His final column appeared in February, 2021.

Please see more details at the Lowery Funeral Home website. US Chess offers its condolences to Alex’s , amigos, and the entire Correspondence Chess community.

Alex Dunne through the years in a series of undated archival .


«Check is in the Mail» column header art from the July 1993 Chess Life.