In this previous post, Compartí el that IM Ratkovic found to work exceptionally well his students. Quick reminder… (FNGSV).

It is an amazing weapon against 1…e5, leading to excellent .

It is a low theory, easy to , y (surprisingly) not overwhelmingly popular among the .

In the previous video, IM Ratkovic clearly demonstrated what happens if your opponent doesn’t know the theory, and relies solely on intuition…

Spoiler alert: they get checkmated rather quickly.

Este Dia, IM Ratkovic will take it a step further.

He will show some KEY and demonstrate how you can get an advantage EVEN if your opponents know what they are doing. Aquí’s Four Knights Game Scotch Variation (FNGSV) for you:

We are putting the finishing touches on Beat e5 Complete Repertoire with IM Ratkovic. los will be ready and available for you on jueves, enero 26el a 8 AM EST… This is one you definitely don’t want to miss!

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