The Meltwater Finals took place 14th to 20th November . The event was played on the Chess24 platform but half the players will be based at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, the city where Meltwater is based. Carlsen had already won the whole but there was still $210,000 to for. The event was a mini-match robin. Four rapid each day against the same opponent, the result of the mini-match, win or loss going into the table. Players: Magnus Carlsen, , Arjun Erigaisi, , Quang Liem Le, Shakhriyar , R and . Carlsen dominated throughout with only Duda keeping pace in the early rounds before he fell away. Carlsen dropped just a point against when he was taken to an Armageddon tie-break which he won. finished in second place, a quite remarkable recovery considering he lost to Carlsen and Le in the first two rounds. Le finished third and Duda fourth.