If you want to play a draw, don’t leave anything to chance. Just force either a completely drawn ending or a perpetual.” Magnus It took me a while to get into the Ragozin defence of . I played with success the for a number of years and forcing Nb8-c6 in front of the c7-pawn, made me feel White already had an advantage after it. It is possible my opponents were not very happy with that prospect either, as I did not encounter it very often. Then , and started using it; that forced me switch my rose coloured glasses for the regular ones. There are a number of move orders both sides need to be aware of; some can in unwanted directions. What seems to be popular in the last few years is the 5. Bg5 line. I have selected 3 to show how the play could go on. Two of them are Magnus games. If he can play it, anyone can do. Hope it will pick your interest to do some studying in this variation. The third game shows that 6. Bxf6 is arguably a better move than 6. Bh4
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