Need sure points? QGD, Ragozin Variation Edition

“If you want to play for a draw, don’t leave anything to chance. Just force either a completely drawn ending or a perpetual.” Magnus Carlsen It took me a while to get into the Ragozin defence of QGD. I played with success the Catalan for a number of years and forcing Nb8-c6 in front of … Continue reading “Need sure points? QGD, Ragozin Variation Edition”

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Hunting the Tiger

With 10 opening articles, ChessBase Magazine #210 covers the usual broad spectrum of variations: From the English Opening á la Caruana (1.c4 e5 2.g3 f5 3.Bg2 Be7) or the Sicilian O’Kelly Variation (1.e4 c5 2.Nc3 a6 Part I: 3.d4/3.c3) to the Catalan (wi…

Sifting through the Rubble


For the last month, since I got back from my disastrous tournament in Minneapolis, I haven’t shown any games from it because I thought they would be too embarrassing. But in order to learn from a failure, you have to face it and ask what happened and why. So now I’m going to start analyzing […]

Epic Success and Epic Fail


For the last week I have been in Minnesota, playing in the Minnesota International Chess Festival, which was organized superbly by Alex Betaneli. It may have been the strongest event held in Minnesota since the HB Global Challenge in 2004. But that event was done in by its enormous ambition: a half-million dollar prize fund, […]