Chess in Uzbekistan

By Zokir Istamkulov Warm greetings from Uzbekistan, native country of 105th Premier Chess Podcast Guest Timur Garayev! The great love of the population, especially youth, for chess, and what is most important, without age restrictions contributed to the creation in March 1996 of Uzbekistan Chess Federation, which represents chess players of our country in the …

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Tamerlane Chess revived!

Thanks to dedicated individuals who follow their own heart’s pursuits, ancient chess variants are still alive today. An overwhelming number of enthusiasts and associations throughout the world cultivate old variants and other board games. Among them is…

Playing and Teaching Chess with ADD/ADHD

By Shavi Bash I am a young adult living with ADD/ADHD, diagnosed in elementary school. For me, diet has always been key to managing my attention/concetration – staying with natural. non-processed foods was always the rule growing up. My parents noticed behavior shifts whenever I consumed artificial colors or excessive sugar and taught my early …

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Difficult Positions

The positions with only queens and rooks on the board are a special type of position. They are notoriously difficult to play. In fact, they are one of the most difficult positions to play in chess. They are considered a borderline case between a middlegame and an endgame – there aren’t many pieces on the […]