A Fine Rook Endgame, Part 2

Last time I introduced a new series of four posts about a very basic (but very difficult) rook and pawn endgame. It’s the endgame where one side (we’ll say White) is a pawn up, and that pawn is an outside passed pawn (we’ll say an a-pawn). As per the “Tarrasch Rule,” the best defensive position […]

An Introduction to Fischer Random Chess

From October 25-30 this year, the second-ever FIDE World Fisher Random Championship will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland. If you’re asking yourself, “what is Fischer Random Chess?”, then we’ve got you covered in this post, explaining the history and rules of this innovative chess variant. What is Fischer Random Chess? Fischer Random Chess, also known […]

Is Fabiano Caruana the Next Bobby Fischer?

After his victory at the 2018 Candidates Tournament, Fabiano Caruana, then 26-years-old, finally qualified to challenge reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen for the World Championship title this November in London. If he beats Magnus Carlsen in their match, Fabiano Caruana will become the first American to win the chess crown since Bobby Fischer’s convincing victory […]

Sifting through the Rubble


For the last month, since I got back from my disastrous tournament in Minneapolis, I haven’t shown any games from it because I thought they would be too embarrassing. But in order to learn from a failure, you have to face it and ask what happened and why. So now I’m going to start analyzing […]

Chess 2022 – March Exotic Wackos

“American Chess Magazine has been launched in November 2016 to help readers keep in touch with all the most significant happenings in the exciting world of present-day chess, both at home and abroad.” https://acmchess.com/ It is possible you will find below selection easy to solve. In anticipation of that, I am adding one more challenge. … Continue reading “Chess 2022 – March Exotic Wackos”

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How to Win in Equal Positions: for Club Players

How to Win in Equal Positions: Winning a chess game is not an easy task. The days when you could win a game out of the opening are long gone. Everybody is very well prepared and the amount of information available on openings is overwhelming. Powerful computers deeply analyze most openings, which makes novelties much […]

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Portable Chess Game Notation (PGN): Complete Guide

Portable Chess Game Notation (PGN): Have you ever heard of Steven James Edwards? His name is not so famous in the chess world, but his contribution is valuable. Thanks to him, we can appreciate the beauty of chess games and edit them with ease in different computer databases. He introduced to the community the Portable […]

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