A Fine Rook Endgame, Part 3

I hope you’re ready for some very, very challenging endgame analysis! Today we’ll have what I think is the most difficult and interesting of my four posts on what I call the “Fine endgame”: rook plus 4 pawns versus rook plus 3 pawns, with the stronger side enjoying an outside passed pawn (usually on the […]

Basman at The British

Michael Basman Editor’s note: What is striking about these games is how each highlights different aspects of Mike’s playing style. As you might expect, there is his calling card – the outlandish opening 1 e4 g5 (‘totally bonkers’ –Nigel Short), but next is an epic…

ECF Book of the Year!


Congratulations to Mickey Adams and Philip Hurtado, whose Think Like a Super-GM won top prize as the English Chess Federation’s 2022 Book of the Year. You can read the ECF judges’ full remarks at the previous link, but a few highlights are:…