Chess 9LX: Live!

Ten international chess superstars are battling it out over the board on September 13-16 at the Champions Showdown Chess 9LX extravaganza. The field includes living legend Garry Kasparov, an in-form Alireza Firouzja and defending champion Leinier Domin…

Epic Success and Epic Fail


For the last week I have been in Minnesota, playing in the Minnesota International Chess Festival, which was organized superbly by Alex Betaneli. It may have been the strongest event held in Minnesota since the HB Global Challenge in 2004. But that event was done in by its enormous ambition: a half-million dollar prize fund, […]

Magnus Carlson’s Defense for 2023 FIDE

By Haoyuan Mo, 2022 Intern What happens next? With the conclusion of the Fide candidate’s chess tournament on July 7th, the event’s champion Ian Nepomniachtchi gets the opportunity to challenge Magnus Carlsen to a dual at the next world chess championship in 2023. This upcoming event has a lot of attention as Nepomniachtchi is not …

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Mongolia vs. Zimbabwe in the final, Georgia dominates women’s tournament

The teams of Mongolia and Zimbabwe will battle it out tomorrow (CET 10:00) for the gold in the first Intercontinental Online Chess Championship for Prisoners – the biggest ever chess event among correctional facilities. Both teams topped their groups in the championship stage today. Mongolia was the first team to progress to the final by winning …