Tactical 1.e4: Why is It Perfect for Attacking Players?

Tactical 1.e4: When it comes to building an Opening Repertoire, it is important to consider the player’s strengths and weaknesses. Many people underperform because their openings don’t match their style. It is easy to imagine a strong positional player getting lost in tactical jungles as well as a strong tactician making no sense in a […]

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A Foundation for Beginners Sixty Nine

One of the things I’ve been mentioning over this series of articles is the idea of studying the games of master level players to aid in your improvement. However, I didn’t mention which of the masters you should study. Sorry about that! The reason I’m saying sorry is because not all master games are suitable … Continue reading “A Foundation for Beginners Sixty Nine”

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Behold now behemoth!

Do you know the Hippopotamus Defence. It is a series of irregular chess opening systems in which Black moves a number of pawns to the sixth rank, and keeps his pieces on the seventh rank. Many experts considered it basically losing, but it has maintain…

Chess Olympiad 2022 – Day 3

The 2022 Chess Olympiad is moving full steam ahead, replete with fantastic upsets, a city that has done itself up well for the event, and of course the Chessable team on site to show us what it’s like on the ground at the biggest Olympiad in history. If you’re not caught up yet, be sure […]

Lucchini Gambit: A Little Known Chess Opening

Learn a lot about attack and defense in chess with the unheralded Lucchini Gambit. For those players who relish exciting chess and are not afraid to sacrifice material, the Lucchini Gambit is tailor-made for you. Learn about a position Stockfish assesses as 0.00 even though Black is an entire rook down. Deepen your understanding of […]