A story of no Os

At a tournament organized by the Grandmaster Association in Reykjavík back in 1988, there was no security in the snack area. Inevitably, this prompted interest in Garry Kasparov’s snacks: Toblerones. In fact, there was a massive temptation to half-inch…

Is Fabiano Caruana the Next Bobby Fischer?

After his victory at the 2018 Candidates Tournament, Fabiano Caruana, then 26-years-old, finally qualified to challenge reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen for the World Championship title this November in London. If he beats Magnus Carlsen in their match, Fabiano Caruana will become the first American to win the chess crown since Bobby Fischer’s convincing victory […]

GM Noel Studer: It’s insane that chess.com knew Hans likely cheated over 100 times and would have let him play in CGC

After 19-year-old American grandmaster Hans Niemann defeated Magnus Carlsen in the third round of the Sinquefield Cup 2022, the World Chess Champion decided to withdraw from the event. Rumors that Magnus Carlsen suspected Niemann was cheating started spreading over social medias and the “Carlsen – Niemann” controversy is the top news in mass medias ever since. Hans Niemann confessed cheating online in […]

Julius Baer Generation Cup – Day 3 live

19-year-old Hans Niemann yesterday AGAIN defeated the World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, in the 6th round of the Julius Baer Generation Cup, as Magnus Carlsen resigned his game in the second move. Carlsen went offline as soon as he resigned, but he has not withdrawn from the tournament. See the timetable of happenings related to Niemann – […]