Basman at The British

Michael Basman Editor’s note: What is striking about these games is how each highlights different aspects of Mike’s playing style. As you might expect, there is his calling card – the outlandish opening 1 e4 g5 (‘totally bonkers’ –Nigel Short), but next is an epic…

Sifting through the Rubble


For the last month, since I got back from my disastrous tournament in Minneapolis, I haven’t shown any games from it because I thought they would be too embarrassing. But in order to learn from a failure, you have to face it and ask what happened and why. So now I’m going to start analyzing […]

A Foundation for Beginners Seventy One

Last week, we started analyzing a game using our newly developed skill set. As I mentioned in the previous article, your job is to analyze each move (by both players) and determine that move’s merit based on the games principles. While I haven’t covered the endgame in this series of articles, the game we’re playing … Continue reading “A Foundation for Beginners Seventy One”

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