Basman at The British

Michael Basman Editor’s note: What is striking about these games is how each highlights different aspects of Mike’s playing style. As you might expect, there is his calling card – the outlandish opening 1 e4 g5 (‘totally bonkers’ –Nigel Short), but next is an epic…

Chess Olympiad 2022 – Final Day

The 44th Chess Olympiad has come to an end. Congratulations to Uzbekistan of the Open Section and Ukraine of the Women’s section for bringing home the gold. In the Open Section, Armenia won silver, while India 2 won bronze. In the Women’s section, it was Georgia who won the silver medal, while India just edged […]

Hail Mary


Generally speaking, when you are in a bad or losing position, you should not count on finding a single miraculous move — a hail Mary — to save your position. Hard-nosed, patient defense will save more games than prayers will. But on the other hand, you should keep an eye out for the rare case […]