Is Fabiano Caruana the Next Bobby Fischer?

After his victory at the 2018 Candidates Tournament, Fabiano Caruana, then 26-years-old, finally qualified to challenge reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen for the World Championship title this November in London. If he beats Magnus Carlsen in their match, Fabiano Caruana will become the first American to win the chess crown since Bobby Fischer’s convincing victory […]

Epic Success and Epic Fail


For the last week I have been in Minnesota, playing in the Minnesota International Chess Festival, which was organized superbly by Alex Betaneli. It may have been the strongest event held in Minnesota since the HB Global Challenge in 2004. But that event was done in by its enormous ambition: a half-million dollar prize fund, […]

Chess Opening Trainer and Endgames as Well

Thanks to Aimchess’ chess opening trainer and endgame trainer, you can start and end your games strongly. Jose Raul Capablanca, the fifth World Chess Champion, said, “To improve at chess, you should in the first instance study the endgame.” Any player hoping to improve would do well to follow this advice. However, to reach the […]

10 Must-Know Middlegames for Club Players


How do you get better at playing middlegames? There is no simple answer; it has to be a complex study. To improve your middlegame play, you should work on your tactics, calculation, positional understanding, planning, and many other things. If there are any shortcuts, it is probably to study typical pawn structures. Plans and ideas […]

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How to Win in Equal Positions: for Club Players

How to Win in Equal Positions: Winning a chess game is not an easy task. The days when you could win a game out of the opening are long gone. Everybody is very well prepared and the amount of information available on openings is overwhelming. Powerful computers deeply analyze most openings, which makes novelties much […]

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