Supercharge Your Chess Visualization Skills

Dear Reader, as I’m still in therapy for my Traumatic Brain Injury I have another guest Article for you. This one is very special because it could be the answer to a frequent question I get: how can I improve my visualization skills? Aiden’s own Chess-blog & training program ‘Don’t Move Until You See‘ focuses […]

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An Introduction to Fischer Random Chess

From October 25-30 this year, the second-ever FIDE World Fisher Random Championship will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland. If you’re asking yourself, “what is Fischer Random Chess?”, then we’ve got you covered in this post, explaining the history and rules of this innovative chess variant. What is Fischer Random Chess? Fischer Random Chess, also known […]

Chess Opening Theory for Beginners

Quick overview: Opening theory is one of the most studied and complex parts of chess improvement. Knowing how much to study is often a key concern of new players. It is first best to know opening principles before diving into concrete theoretical study. Once you have a grasp on opening principles, you can dive into […]

Try the Dangerous Trompowsky Attack Today

Among the many contributions British chess players make to opening theory, the Trompowsky Attack is one of the most dangerous. The Trompowsky Attack takes your opponent out of their preferred defense to 1.d4 by side-stepping the King’s Indian Defense, Nimzo-Indian Defense, and Grunfeld Defense. Even if theory says the position is equal, you have drawn […]