A Fine Rook Endgame, Part 3


I hope you’re ready for some very, very challenging endgame analysis! Today we’ll have what I think is the most difficult and interesting of my four posts on what I call the “Fine endgame”: rook plus 4 pawns versus rook plus 3 pawns, with the stronger side enjoying an outside passed pawn (usually on the […]

A typical mistake

The diagram shows a position which can often occur in rook endings. Both sides have passed pawns and it all seems to come down to a race between the passed pawns. However, in the diagram position White has a winning maneuver that one should know. How s…

A Positional Question

What do you make of this position? This position was displayed recently by popular chess Twitter personality and adult improver Neal Bruce, taken from Silman’s Reassess Your Chess (4th edition). It’s suitable for players rated 1600-2000. White to move: what would you play and why? Well, what do you think? This position interested me for … Continue reading “A Positional Question”

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How to Improve Your Endgame Play: Complete Guide


Chess can be divided into three parts: the opening, the middlegame, and the endgame. Each one of them is equally important and, in order to become a strong player, one should include all of them in their training routine. However, many players frequently tend to dedicate more (or all of their time) to studying the […]

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Botters Plays Chekkers

Round about 1970 I bought a copy of Botvinnik’s 100 Selected Games at a tournament bookstall. Botvinnik’s annotations provided me with a lot of insights into how chess should really be played. There was one game in particular which impressed me: Botvinnik – Chekhover from the USSR Championship semi-final in 1938. Here’s the crucial position. … Continue reading “Botters Plays Chekkers”

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Endgames from Stavanger

A number of remarkable endgames from the Norway Chess tournament have caught the eye of GM Karsten Müller. In the four games included in this article, our in-house specialist shows examples of active defence with a pair of rooks, the strength of a bish…