Karpov is back home

The news from Russia about Karpov’s accident and state of health have been confusing and contradictory. In the end, it appears as if everything was far less serious than reported and Karpov was able to send greetings to the Karpov Festival in Cap d’Agd…

Is Fabiano Caruana the Next Bobby Fischer?

After his victory at the 2018 Candidates Tournament, Fabiano Caruana, then 26-years-old, finally qualified to challenge reigning World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen for the World Championship title this November in London. If he beats Magnus Carlsen in their match, Fabiano Caruana will become the first American to win the chess crown since Bobby Fischer’s convincing victory […]

One Day in Reykjavik


Sadly, I was rooting for the wrong guy. This month’s Chess Life has an interesting 50-year retrospective on the Fischer-Spassky match. I thought that the most insightful article was a short interview with IM Anthony Saidy, who hosted Fischer at his house before Fischer left for Iceland. Here is one thing I did not know. […]