A Fine Rook Endgame, Part 3


I hope you’re ready for some very, very challenging endgame analysis! Today we’ll have what I think is the most difficult and interesting of my four posts on what I call the “Fine endgame”: rook plus 4 pawns versus rook plus 3 pawns, with the stronger side enjoying an outside passed pawn (usually on the […]

A Foundation for Beginners Seventy Six


I realized that I’d been suggesting that readers practice what they’ve learned in this series of articles playing against chess apps or software. I thought this to be good advice, since you can always stop a game and try again with no penalty. While there is no substitute for siting down and playing against another … Continue reading “A Foundation for Beginners Seventy Six”

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A Fine Rook Endgame, Part 2

Last time I introduced a new series of four posts about a very basic (but very difficult) rook and pawn endgame. It’s the endgame where one side (we’ll say White) is a pawn up, and that pawn is an outside passed pawn (we’ll say an a-pawn). As per the “Tarrasch Rule,” the best defensive position […]

Crazyhouse Discourse and Puzzles

By National Master Evan Rabin The last few days I played lots of crazyhouse on www.lichess.org. Since I was seven-years old, I have enjoyed playing bughouse, where two players team up and every time one teammate captures a piece, he gets to give it to his partner, who can place it anywhere on the board, …

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Quick Decisions (10)

“Choices are the hinges of destiny” Pythagoras The following examples are from a couple of “chess 960” games at our club. I thought it would be interesting to mention this since you could not tell it otherwise. The other interesting detail is the 15 minutes (no increments) reflection time, meaning good and quick decisions were … Continue reading “Quick Decisions (10)”

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A Fine Rook Endgame, Part 1

I’m back! Actually, I never left, but this blog has been silent for seven weeks, so some of you may have been wondering where I went. My apologies: I was busy with other things (like a book proposal), but to be honest, I just didn’t have any topics that were worth writing about. I could […]