Tactical 1.e4: Why is It Perfect for Attacking Players?

Tactical 1.e4: When it comes to building an Opening Repertoire, it is important to consider the player’s strengths and weaknesses. Many people underperform because their openings don’t match their style. It is easy to imagine a strong positional player getting lost in tactical jungles as well as a strong tactician making no sense in a […]

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Surprise succeeded!

The last time Alexei Shirov chose the Moscow Variation in the Semi Slav, Jorden van Foreest was just 13 years old. This June – and thus ten years later – the two players met for a mini-match over four classical games. The veteran, who had played the Bo…

New: CBM Extra #209

Over an hour of video training: Mihail Marin explains how Caruana achieved a clear advantage with a novelty in the Rossolimo Variation against Gukesh – and then missed the right continuation. Alexei Shirov shows with one of his games against Jorden van…

CBM Extra 209

Entrenamiento con vídeo a cargo de Mihail Marin y Alexei Shirov (largometraje: 1 hora y 15 minutos). Más 29 análisis profundos por Romain Edouard, Lubomir Ftacnik, Michal Krasenkow, Nikolas Theodorou y muchos más. ChessBase Magazine Extra es el complem…

Chess Olympiad 2022 – Final Day

The 44th Chess Olympiad has come to an end. Congratulations to Uzbekistan of the Open Section and Ukraine of the Women’s section for bringing home the gold. In the Open Section, Armenia won silver, while India 2 won bronze. In the Women’s section, it was Georgia who won the silver medal, while India just edged […]

Queen’s Gambit Accepted: A Powerful Chess Opening

The Queen’s Gambit Accepted is a classical opening with a long history that is still going strong today. Suitable for players of all levels. The principal battleground of the Queen’s Gambit Accepted is the Classical Variation with 3.Nf3. The Two Knights Variation with 4.Nc3 is arguably White’s most aggressive attempt to refute the Queen’s Gambit […]