A wise man can more from a foolish question than a fool can from a wise answer
Bruce Lee

A quick reminder how it works:

  • Have a look at the position for 1 minute (watch the clock)
  • Think about the choices in front of you and pick the one you feel it is right
  • Verify it in your mind the best you can
  • Compare it with the solution

This past we got a tactical treat in one of the at Meltwater Champions Finals. You might have seen it or not; either way let’s use it as an opportunity to practice to practice your tactical skills. White used 1 minute and 45 seconds to go for it. This means that you can be more generous with the time you give yourself to figure it out.

White is winning anyway. Normally this takes away some of the pressure. However, do not let it take your concentration as well. The is deserted and should not survive a final assault on his position. Rc7 is in its best spot and that could sound odd because all the other White pieces fall in that category. The only question is what is the most precise line to win it?

If you have reached this position, consider this a accomplishment. Finding and playing the unstoppable winning continuation from here on would be the second accomplishment. Regardless how much time to took to get here, take a few more minutes to replay the whole from beginning to end. See how the White pieces together like a well tuned orchestra. It is that level of harmony you should strive for in your personal chess quest.

Eugen Demian

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