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  1. the board is one of the main parts of Chess, next to the pieces, the clock and the rules that compose it.
    the board is the battlefield where we will fight, the space where we will move with the pieces, consists of a large square containing 64 grids also called squares, 32 of them light in color and 32 dark colored that are sequentially exchanged, being defined with 8 large columns seen vertically (from a to h) Y 8 large rows or lines that are observed horizontally (of the 1 al 8), consequently each box has a letter (according to your location column) and a number according to its row, being determined that box a1, it will always be dark in color, while box h1 will always be light in color. on the other hand this conjunction of lines and columns of alternating colors general 13 light colored diagonals and 13 dark colored diagonals. Finally we can say that 4 central squares (d4-d5-e4 y e5) constitute the right center of the deck and the surrounding quadrants give rise to the formation of roundabouts, In other words, the central roundabout is made up of all the squares that enclose these four central squares; to later give rise to the exterior gazebo, made up of all the boxes that “they enclose” the central roundabout and finally the outer edge made up of all the squares in the row 1 Y 8 and the cells of columns a and h. It is very important to know the constitution of the board because when playing with boards that do not have their letters or numbers. it is possible to make mistakes and lead to playing with the board reversed (sideways) where the colors of the corner squares are changed, resulting in switched queen and king locations, the bishops change their position, castling and scoring issues, etc.

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