Chapter 1, Latin American plays

How the story tells, the first chess player born in America was Atahualpa, last sovereign of the Inca Empire. The conquerors of Peru under the command of the Spanish Francisco Pizarro, Atahualpa was captured and imprisoned in Cajamarca; who while in prison made friends with some of them, who taught him European dice games, playing cards and of course, Chess. Atahualpa was so smart, what in 20 days he learned the Spanish language and the game of chess. That is to say, that in the middle of the conquest of Peru - towards the 1533- the knowledge of the science game in the New World has already begun.

Chess is linked to humanity itself, his journey is a meeting of civilizations; His influence has shaped the fabric of the times.

Following the path of the jaguar, recognizing the autochthonous, Latin American Games presents an interesting journey through some of the most relevant and promising contributions and alternatives that various actors propose from Latin America; in the same way it is indispensable to examine some of the reference influences of the old world.